A quick look at JavaScript module

Earthstar works in the browser, so you can try all the commands below for yourself by opening your browser's development console.

Shares are the boundary of discoverability and access in Earthstar. First we will generate a new share keypair.

let shareKeypair = await Earthstar.Crypto.generateShareKeypair("gardening");

Now we can instantiate a Replica for this share using this keypair.

const replica = new Earthstar.Replica({ 
	driver: new Earthstar.ReplicaDriverMemory(shareKeypair.shareAddress), 
	shareSecret: shareKeypair.secret

The driver tells the replica how to persist data. As we're just experimenting here, we will store its data in memory.

Let's write some data to the share. We will need an author keypair first.

let authorKeypair = await Earthstar.Crypto.generateAuthorKeypair("suzy")

This keypair will be used to sign any data we write (along with the share keypair we generated a minute ago).

await replica.set(authorKeypair, { text: "Mushrooms everywhere this year.", path: '/notes/2022/mushrooms'});

Let's see if it worked.

let docs = await replica.getLatestDocs();
		author: "@suzy.bj3ml6gj4crzae5d3qf4patap67le7jmiwsrzheg2pkbowccul7sq",	
		format: "es.5",
		path: "/notes/2022/mushrooms",
		share: "+gardening.biyibeijuqsqosarxrqjyroi5jd36kgzinfenwatfbbwk2l5ewvoa",	
		shareSignature: "boihqp7zsdu4dzjdqjrtz3qzdvxades4r3t52fxk4z4lvby2tucp7zqpga65daoa2zflxz5w2spnoredjlx2n2wbn7g5l7oayfpc5caa",
		signature: "b52zb47kxnnfdwohtv6ltkkqq2fpwzqn7sbvxzypeft2trggbk55tioxziq3z3jmqkk7q7otlm73ouno3lfcjf52vvlgsiwmm4bayqcy",
		text: "Mushrooms everywhere this year.",
		textHash: "bz2qwpfujhg4gr2gllgjmvbx2k4oeqgaq2ap6jct2tw4rgrv5o7hq",
		timestamp: 1671636895450000,

Great. Let's see what the syncing API is like. First we'll need another replica for the same share. Except we won't provide this one with the secret:

const otherReplica = new Earthstar.Replica({ 
	driver: new Earthstar.ReplicaDriverMemory(shareKeypair.shareAddress),

To sync the two replicas, we need to add them to two Peer instances.

const peer = new Earthstar.Peer();
const otherPeer = new Earthstar.Peer();

And add our replicas to them.


And we're ready to sync.


If you query the documents from the other replica we just instantiated:

let otherDocs = await otherReplica.getLatestDocs();

You'll see the document we created a minute ago.

Next steps